Fruitas Pure GLOWING GREEN - Fruit Infused Coco Water, Lemon, Cucumber & Ginger 250ml [Drink, Beverage]

The GLOWING GREEN provides a burst of vitamin C from fresh lemon, boosting your immune system and promoting radiant skin, while the cooling cucumber soothes and hydrates, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. To top it off, the fiery zest of ginger aids digestion and provides an invigorating kick.

Fruits: Lemon, Cucumber, and Ginger
Benefits: Improve Digestion, Rich in Fiber, Aids Hydration, Improve Blood Flow
Pack size: 250mL
Shelf life: Production Date + 4 days
Storage: Upright Chiller (1-4°C)

*1 to 2 day delivery
**Calories are calculated based on the weight of each fruit and vegetable.