Fruitas Pure Detox Set + FREE 500mL Buko Juice (5+1)

Each Detox Set (5+1) includes:
1. Immunity Booster: Apple, Carrots, Orange
2. Beauty Boost: Apple, Orange, Cucumber, Banana
3. Rainforest: Apple, Cucumber, Green Bell Pepper, Ampalaya, Celery
4. The Energizer: Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Banana
5. The Cleanser: Apple, Celery, Cucumber
6. Fruitas 500mL Buko Juice (free)

Packaging: 1pc. Black thermal bag
Pack size: 250mL
Shelf life: Production Date + 3 days
Storage: Chiller (1-4°C)

*Same day delivery
**Calories are calculated based on the weight of each fruit and vegetable.